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Avant Garde by D. Lerdes

There’s gotta be something better than this

The NFL is already the most lucrative sports league in the world, generating over $10 billion in revenue each year. $16.6 million wouldn even pay half of the $44 million that commissioner Roger Goodell pocketed in 2012. What the league is short on right now is good publicity homophobia, bullying and medical neglect are just a few of the issues that the NFL has faced in recent months.

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When the Newman led Charlestown Chiefs take the ice before a game, one of the Hanson Brothers punches an opponent in the face, knocking him down during warmups. The two teams immediately begin brawling, littering the ice with discarded gloves and sticks. An announcer, wearing a red checked sport coat, tells listeners: no one to stop it because there are no officials [yet] on the ice.

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